Friday, June 17, 2016

"When I was a little girl..." My Short Tale.

"When I was a little girl..."  (My Short Tale)

I have been trying to share a self-portrait to my online readers and friends. Since each of us carries a baggage, the load of our personal history, our burdens, then, we develop certain connections according to our personal views or moral values.
Long ago, when I was a little girl and lived in a big city with my mother and my Italian maternal grandmother, I used to gape through the glass wall in our balcony on the second floor. I was puzzled then, to see so many horses pulling wagons downstairs in the streets bringing veggies, fruits, small livestock, and other goods for the peddlers to the sales market place.  Local folks gathered there in a rush to buy cheap food. I was truly astonished to see horses and other farm animals which were brought to the fair in a big city filled with motorways and cars.
My young heart would be left astray watching people’s greedy hearts full of wrath. The fair was taken place on weekends. So, I would hear the hooves on the trotting stallions approaching the neighborhood, and I would rush to the glass wall to gape at the feast. I would still do that throughout my lifetime…

As a little girl around 6 or 7, I could not help feeling betrayed, frustrated and hurt inside for what my young eyes would have to watch every single weekend, needless to say what I should conceal about personal things that I witnessed as a little child.
I was born a dreamer, an artist, a pro-life living being with all sort of good deeds inside my young heart. So, it was dreadful for me to catch a glimpse of those shattered, horrid, bloody memories of my childhood with so many things going on in the wrong way. My world was rather small, yet then, I began to dream in expanding my world to further greater ventures with high goals and lasting moral values.

As a little child, I began to think that those grown adults would never become my role models. In fact, in my childhood, I began to develop the first outlines of my present philosophy of life. Since my early childhood, I dreamed of living on top of the mountains surrounded by Mother Nature, birds and other precious animals. Perhaps, I was dreaming of living in a castle on the hills, a bluish yonder hill intimately entwined with the valley below.
I could still hear now, the gallop of those stallions flying freely in the blue horizon, and I could still hear my throbbing heart on top of the mountain or gazing out the window.
The joy of the Lord is my true strength.
Have a blessed time, dear readers!!
Poet Starry.

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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

It was nice to hear from you today. A castle in the hills sounds dreamy.